Our Committed, Compassionate Leadership Team

Marquis Senior Communities is committed to remarkable hospitality, care, and services. To accomplish our mission, we continuously practice responsive communication between each discipline in senior living, from clinical and operations to marketing and life enrichment. Our executive leadership group guides each community toward that vision, assisting the on-site teams and upholding the framework that allows our seniors and associates to thrive.


The Marquis Senior Communities executive leadership team is like none other. We’re a dynamic group of individuals with a diverse set of experience and a variety of skills that integrate seamlessly. As a locally-owned company, we provide quick answers and comprehensive solutions.


You’ll find our management interacting with residents and associates on a daily basis at an individual level, in the kitchen, hallways, and community spaces. We’re one of the team, greeting residents and associates by name.


At Marquis Senior Communities, we hire care providers who are passionate about building relationships and ensuring an enriching environment in which our residents flourish, no matter their needs. Our professionally trained associates are skilled in senior care and how to use our resources to best support residents. We treat our residents as we would our own family.

Would you like to join us? Visit our careers page. Marquis Senior Communities provides a unique associate experience with countless opportunities for personal fulfillment and professional growth.

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Brendon Maab - Vice President of Operations


Brandon Mabb

vice president of operations

Phone: 763.334.3127
Email: brandonm@marquisseniorcommunities.com

Stephanie Fredrick - Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Stephanie Frederick

vice president of sales and marketing

Phone: 763.331.5289
Email: stephanief@marquisseniorcommunities.com


Angie Bantle - Vice President of Clinical Services


Angie Bantle

vice president of clinical services

Phone: 763.202.5037
Email: angieb@marquisseniorcommunities.com

Lyndsay Kessler - Regional Director of Clinical Services


Lyndsay Kessler RN, BSN

Regional Director of Clinical Services

Phone: 651.724.2822
Email: lyndsayk@marquisseniorcommunities.com

Adrienne Fisher - Regional Director of Nursing


Adrienne Fisher, RN, BSN, PHN

Regional Director of Nursing

Phone: 612.396.2979
Email: adriennef@marquisseniorcommunities.com


My parents have lived at Elk River Senior Living for over a year. Mom and Dad are so busy with the wide variety of activities offered that I have to check their schedule to see if they can fit me in. I am so happy they take part because they have created some amazing friendships. The staff at Elk River Senior Living is great because they are courteous and helpful and treat the residents and their families with the utmost respect.

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